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The World According to Zombie Apocalypse Vodka™

Dancing People
The party’s just starting and you’re invited to be a part of the ZAV revolution. Say “NO” to harsh, biting vodkas that just scream to be buried under mixes and ingredients that obliterate any trace of their less than desirable taste.

This is vodka well worth drinking all on its own. In fact, our independent research has shown that Zombie Apocalypse Vodka® is so smooth it reawakens even the Undead to join the party. From the first sip, deadened pleasure centers are reanimated and the party mode stimulated. Memories are stirred and the pursuit of social pleasures reclaims dominance over former, undead behavioral patterns. Lifeless groans for “brainss” are supplanted by enlivened calls to “Bring it on!” and “Zombie up!”

Zombies may be dead on their feet, but with Zombie Apocalypse Vodka®, they have no problem being the life of the party.

So if the Apocalypse has you worried, add Zombie Apocalypse Vodka® to your emergency kit and practice our Drill often:

The Zombie Apocalypse Vodka® Emergency Preparedness Drill:


For improved proficiency, always keep a bottle chilled and drill often with your friends and family.