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Think you went a little overboard buying all those bags of Jelly Beans? Heck no! You were anticipating some fun adult beverages that`ll bring out the kid in you. You can go crazy here and customize to your heart`s content. We like mixing the lemon and blueberry infusions. Our Creative Director likes using all Blueberry-Cobbler flavored jelly beans. There`s a lot more variety to be had with jelly beans than there were in your college days with those little rainbow-flavored candies.

JB Zombie

Separate the jelly beans into flavor or color piles of 35-50 beans each
Place each pile into its own container
Add enough Zombie Apocalypse Vodka into each container to cover over the jelly beans to a depth of about 4 inches
Stir, then cover each container with a lid or plastic wrap
Keep at room temperature, away from direct heat and light, pets and kids.
Swirl and shake each container several times a day; continue until colorful outer sugar coating is totally dissolved
Strain through a coffee filter then chill

You can use it straight, dilute it with more vodka, or consider it a high-octane simple sugar to add to cocktails and zomtinis.

Be sure to sanitize your containers with boiling water before putting the jelly beans and vodka in there. We want you to be safe when you play.


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